Systems Engineering

The key to managing product complexity and accelerating development

Achieve 9% increase in profit margins with an effective Systems Engineering approach

The importance of systems engineering is growing in response to the ever-increasing complexity of new products. Leading companies are 50% more likely than their peers to credit their success to effective systems engineering.

The key to managing product complexity and accelerating developmentAre you challenged with:

  • Long release cycles
  • Missed market share and revenue
  • Missed release dates and unpredictable product delivery
  • Eroded prices
  • Risks of diminishing brand loyalty

This Aberdeen report “The Strategic Role of Systems Engineering: Ensure the Future Success of Your Products” addresses these challenges and describes how systems engineering initiatives have gained strategic business importance, contributing gains such as a 9% increase in profit margins. Using these best-in-class leaders as a model, this report identifies the critical steps and technology needs of organizations seeking to derive similar value from systems engineering.

If you would like to access additional material on this topic, we suggest you visit our systems engineering resource center. 

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